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man I'm a drama queen! [Jun. 12th, 2009|12:07 am]
I need to go back to the days when I didn't care about anything!
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nothing left. [May. 13th, 2009|12:20 am]
i just hurt the one person who cares about me. i'm a cold hearted person, and whether or not he should be this hurt, he is. i didn't know i had the capacity to do this to someone. i always have tried to make people happy; and now that i hurt someone, it turns out to be my soul mate. he's the only one that truly cares about me. he listens to me, he questions me, he loves my for me. i can tell him anything, don't have to hide who i am for once, and am so at ease with him it's amazing. i can't say that for ANYONE else. my best friends at whitman don't ever inquire about my feelings. really, now, guys? you don't have a clue about who I am, what goes on in my head, and what I am struggling with. do they ask about my relationship-- my first true love? no. sophie would do all of this, but we're both busy with college and can't talk as much as we need. my mom is great when it comes to helping my emotions, but I have such a secret life from her. so that leaves ryan. he's fucking amazing. I can't believe I found him over a greasy food counter that we just speant just 1 month at together. it has only been 4 months and I'm so in love with him. he is my soul mate. he makes me happy just by being mine. i don't want to hurt him and i don't want to waste one minute of our love by being upset. and now I go and tell him about the worst thing i could have done to him. i'm a fucking bitch and i ruined this love with my soul mate. i just want to go to the bahamas and live on the beach with him. please forgive me
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L O V E [May. 12th, 2009|11:44 am]
Yah, that's right ladies and gentlemen. I'm in love. Jenny fucking Pulvers. Take that Aly Stark! I am not going to "end up alone." I have "let down my fences." His name is Ryan Hitoshi Campbell and he makes me so happy, even when I'm 2 states away at college, talking to him on the phone every day for 5 weeks at a time. I get  upset though because he doesn't feel the same about me when we're apart as when we're together. I still totally love him regardless of having our relationship be based over the phone. I know he loves me a lot though, I just wish the phone didn't change anything for him. I'm watchng his fine ass body on webcam right now and am super turned on. GOTTA GO!
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water [Sep. 5th, 2004|01:50 pm]
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]

water is oh-so good. i like it a lot! but none of that warm water, or even just kinda cold. it has to be ice cold! well, if it's ice cold, that means it's the temperature of ice, and ice is a solid, so that means i would be drinking frozen water. that doesn't quite work. so, i like my water cold cold, chilled, frosty. ooh i like that! frosty cold water. it makes me think of that glass that has been worn down by the ocean's waves. i found some frosty beach glass in kauaii. oh, kauaii, how i love thee so. well, chilled water in a frosty glass sounds perfect to me. your hands get all wet when you pick the glass up to endulge yourself in a sip of that quenching, chilling, sends-shivers-down-your-spine water. this extremely cold water sends your throat on a tingly adventure. ooh that's cheesy. but it's true! you can just imagine it like a stream in alaska. the freezing cold water sliding through the crevace of land. that's like the chilled water slipping down your throat. oh it's so nice. and then as it goes down, it coats your heart, sending it into a state of silence. then it passes down and continues its travel. but we won't talk about where it goes next. :\ this chilly water makes my mouth mist with moisture. it's like opening the freezer, and that freezing air comes out and chills your face. thats how it is when i open my mouth after taking a gulp of this icy water. it makes you wanna go ahh. ooh it's so nice. tell me, who cannot love this chilly water that freezes your throat over and akes you go ahh! who? it's such a lovely sensation. it's so satisfying!
oh, and then there's that water that ddribbles out of your mouth and drops onto your leg. goosepimples rise, i love it so much.
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i can't spell journal [Sep. 5th, 2004|12:30 pm]
[mood |scaredscared]

okay, so why is it that whenever i type www.livejournal.com i always type journail. there is no 'i' in that word! why do i think and 'i' follows 'na'? what do i have on my mind? i guess it would be 'nail'. but i never type that! mebbe 'mail'. yes, that's it. my mind is sending subliminal messages to me. i have to go check my email, or write one to somebody, or yell at people to write one to me. i have figured it out! when i want to write in my live journal, i change my mind and want to check my email. so am i not supposed to be writing these completely weird entries? is it a message from the almighty saying to change my goal in life? change it from trying to make people giggle, to getting personal with one person at a time. is he trying to tell me to settle down? listen to the song 'desperado'? (it's all about coming to your senses, lowering your standards, and letting somebody love you before you end up alone.) so does he think that i am gonna end up alone? that's horrible.. that's one of my big fears. so maybe i need to face my fears, get out there, and sell myself on the market! but then i will be a whore.. i am gonna end up with a bunch of nasty STDs, so i will not be able to have kids, cuz i don't wanna pass them down to them. and then i will be a lonely old woman, still trying to pick up men. i'm gonna die alone, nasty, and the family will be discontinued becuase i didn't have kids...

then again, mebbe it's just a little typo. i shall never type 'journail' again!

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i can't walk straight [Sep. 5th, 2004|12:29 pm]
[mood |embarrassedembarrassed]

It has been clinically proven, Jennifer Louise Pulvers canNOT walk straight. Yes, it is a sad, and serious matter. (You can tell how serious it is by the fact alone that I am using capital letters, when I am so prejudice against them.) I am quite fragil about this if you bring the subject up. So, please, if you do wish to talk about my crooked walking patterns, do so gently. We all have our imperfections. This is mine. You may think the idea of not being able to walk straight is completely proposterous, but there is proof, witnesses, and tests to show that it is true.
I have been seen walking into light poles, mail boxes, and dogs.
I have walked off the side walk into the bushes, or off the curb into the street.
When strolling along with a buddy, or two, I bump into them; fall onto their shoulder; or completely knock them over.
These are just a few examples of the many cases I have not walked straight.
This odd behavior is not cited as a W.U.I. (Walking Under the Influence) for I am not intoxicated when I decide to walk around. That just ISN’T safe! I am perfectly sober and legal. So, how does this strangeness happen, you might ask? Well, it all started when I was in kindergarten *true story... mostly...well, actually*.......
It was recess, tricycles were being pedaled around, swings were swinging, kids were sliding on the slides, and I, the tomboy of the bunch, was running around. Why was I running? I had a goal in mind: To catch David (this brown-haired kindergarted cutie. I
never was a fan on blonde boys.) And, yes, tomboys can have crushes, too. Although, I DO think I was crushing on David merely because all the other girls had lovers. Yes, as surprising as it may seem, I was once a follower like all of you. But, anywho. Back to the story. I was chasing around David, and he was doing that way of running that you do when you’re trying to dodge bullets- it has a technical term, but silly me has blanked out
for the moment. So I was jutting left and right, around the jump-ropers, over the sandbox,
through the swings. It was all fine until I got to the mini cars. You know, those plastic things you sit down in and use your feet to move around. To think, we actually thought we were driving. Boy that was the day. Well, there were about four or five mini cars, driving around in a circle, just like how crows circle their prey...Hmm, ironic. I had chased David through to the middle of them, and he darted out through the break between Cindy’s mini car and Doug’s mini car. But, the circle had closed in tightly before I could get out. I scoped the scene for my options. Chances of getting out alive were slim. What was a Jenny to do? I could either sit down and wait out recess break, or make a run for it.
I was not just about to waste my only time to seize the love of my life, so I made a run for
it. I ran as fast as my little two-foot long legs would take me, I saw a clearing, but just at
the last second Jimmy’s car came in and clipped my left big toe. It was horrible. Painful. Traumatizing.
To this day my left toe has been crooked and slightly bigger than the right. As a result,
when I walk, my body leads more to the right than the middle. Meaning I do not walk straight.
The morals of this entry:
Do not be a follower, do as you please and don’t worry what other people do with their life. You will become handicapped if you do.
Don’t be mean to those who can’t walk straight, they will take a mini car to you. And it won’t be pretty. Mwahaha.. Just kidding, I’m not evil....
Take extra precautions when walking next to me.
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my middle name is Louise [Sep. 5th, 2004|12:25 pm]
my mom’s middle name is louise, my grandma’s middle name is louise, and my
great-grandma’s middle name is louise. hey guess what? MY middle name is louise, too!
who could have guessed?
louise.. such an interesting middle name. i think it’s a good middle name becuase it’s not
like all the other names, like susie, emily, anna, or ashley. those are not middle names.
those are first names! nobody would name their kid louise anymore. that’s why it is a
good middle name! it’s special, not like that common bull shnit. although, louise isn’t
pretty, like andrea, rose, and audrey. it is kinda bulky. LOUISE. louise sounds like a
butch name. but, who knows, it could be fragile, like a skin-and-bones, ninety year-old
lady. either way. but it’s not like a dainty, delicate, pretty, young woman’s middle name.
but then again, i am definately NOT a dainty, delicate, pretty, young woman. nobody said
i was. so i guess louise is fine for me. yet, i am not a butch, or an old lady. but then again,
middle names don’t really matter. nobody needs them, so maybe i should forget about
how mine doesn’t suit me. well, it might be fun to find a new one for me.
okay, let’s see... rose? jenny rose pulvers... definate no
andrea? already taken by one of my friends
audrey? jenny audrey pulvers.. not working for me either
this is hard... i shall make a poll. yet it’s not really a poll because i don’t have choices for
all of you. well, all of you reading this: What middle name would Jenny Pulvers be
best with?
thanks for playing! i shall talk to you next time
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cry [Aug. 1st, 2004|11:53 pm]
if you have been reading my xanga http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=The_Jensters then u know that i.. lets just say i haven't been in the best of spirits lately. and if you know me, it is a rarity that i cry. i just don't let any of my emotions escape my body and mind. but there's an occasional slip-up. sometimes u jsut gotta get rid of ur built up pain and cry. i have cried 3 times in the past, like, 6 years. 2 were on account of my brother, and the third was tonight. oh boy. it's so hard. i can't take it. how can they be so happy. it used to be me. i dont even know if they know about this... i am suffering over here while they're laughing and enjoying theirselves just like i used to do with her. i cried..
- JPooPoo
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capitalization [Aug. 1st, 2004|10:58 pm]
I don't think that I even spelled that word in the subject correctly. Well, I have noticed that I never capitalize anything in my Live Journal or Xanga entries. This is because I am a lazy bum. But I am trying it for this one entry. I will see how it goes, and if it is a total waste of time and energy, I will go back to the way of the lazy asses. You know what would be cool? If there were a land for lazy ass bums. It would be the LLAB: Land for Lazy Ass Bums. This is exciting. Okay, so I shall have another entry about the LLAB. But now I will preach capitalization to all of you that are reading this.
I don't know about this whole capitalizing thing. It takes time to move my left pinky on over to the left about five centimeters. Not to mention energy. That is a big workout! If I were to capitalize every single letter at every single word at every single sentence, my pinky would be getting a lot of exercise! Before you know it, it would have a six pack, some major biceps, and pecs. It would be an Arnold Swartzennegerwhoohahalongnametoohardtoospell pinky finger. Wow that would be ugly. It would be twice the size of all my other fingers. Just imagine life with that thing. My hand would be very heavy, pulling my whole left arm a little bit down. That would make all the rest of the left side of my body lean. I would get a disease that needs surgery to fix. But, since my left pinky finger is so ginormous, I wouldn't be able to fit through the hospital doors! My surgery would then have to be performed outside, where inadequate factors would ruin the whole opperation, leaving me worse off than I was before.
Plus, imagine buying rings for that finger! I would have to get them custom made, which obviousely would cost much, much more. My pockets, not that I can fit my hand into them, would be empty, and all my friends and family would have empty pockets from me borrowing money for my custom made rings for my gigantic left pinky finger.
This does not seem like a fun life. And all because of capitalizing the first letter of every sentence. I am feeling the cramp already. I give up on that shizzle, tell me if I have changed your mind about your capitalizing!
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keyboard [Aug. 1st, 2004|10:51 pm]
my keyboard is especially nice. it is from dell, and it's black. it has big blocky keys, which is totally fun. i don't know ANYONE that doesn't like the sound that big blocky keys make. it is sooo satisfying! it makes my mood complete. just the sound and feeling makes me wanna type forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and clicky click click these keys make clicky click click sounds that make jenny jen jen go wahoo wa hoo hoo. tappa tappa tappa! have you seen that episode of the simpsons? tappa tappa tappa! i think that is my favorite sound in the world. let's see.. what other sounds are there? dogs barking.. toilets flushing.. dads farting.. yes i have decided the tappa tappa tappa of big blocky keys on keyboards is the best. tell me if you think of something better and i shall think about it. but in the mean time i will type whatever comes to my mind just so i can hear the click clackety of my keys. these keys are so coool.
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