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capitalization [Aug. 1st, 2004|10:58 pm]
I don't think that I even spelled that word in the subject correctly. Well, I have noticed that I never capitalize anything in my Live Journal or Xanga entries. This is because I am a lazy bum. But I am trying it for this one entry. I will see how it goes, and if it is a total waste of time and energy, I will go back to the way of the lazy asses. You know what would be cool? If there were a land for lazy ass bums. It would be the LLAB: Land for Lazy Ass Bums. This is exciting. Okay, so I shall have another entry about the LLAB. But now I will preach capitalization to all of you that are reading this.
I don't know about this whole capitalizing thing. It takes time to move my left pinky on over to the left about five centimeters. Not to mention energy. That is a big workout! If I were to capitalize every single letter at every single word at every single sentence, my pinky would be getting a lot of exercise! Before you know it, it would have a six pack, some major biceps, and pecs. It would be an Arnold Swartzennegerwhoohahalongnametoohardtoospell pinky finger. Wow that would be ugly. It would be twice the size of all my other fingers. Just imagine life with that thing. My hand would be very heavy, pulling my whole left arm a little bit down. That would make all the rest of the left side of my body lean. I would get a disease that needs surgery to fix. But, since my left pinky finger is so ginormous, I wouldn't be able to fit through the hospital doors! My surgery would then have to be performed outside, where inadequate factors would ruin the whole opperation, leaving me worse off than I was before.
Plus, imagine buying rings for that finger! I would have to get them custom made, which obviousely would cost much, much more. My pockets, not that I can fit my hand into them, would be empty, and all my friends and family would have empty pockets from me borrowing money for my custom made rings for my gigantic left pinky finger.
This does not seem like a fun life. And all because of capitalizing the first letter of every sentence. I am feeling the cramp already. I give up on that shizzle, tell me if I have changed your mind about your capitalizing!