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my middle name is Louise [Sep. 5th, 2004|12:25 pm]
my mom’s middle name is louise, my grandma’s middle name is louise, and my
great-grandma’s middle name is louise. hey guess what? MY middle name is louise, too!
who could have guessed?
louise.. such an interesting middle name. i think it’s a good middle name becuase it’s not
like all the other names, like susie, emily, anna, or ashley. those are not middle names.
those are first names! nobody would name their kid louise anymore. that’s why it is a
good middle name! it’s special, not like that common bull shnit. although, louise isn’t
pretty, like andrea, rose, and audrey. it is kinda bulky. LOUISE. louise sounds like a
butch name. but, who knows, it could be fragile, like a skin-and-bones, ninety year-old
lady. either way. but it’s not like a dainty, delicate, pretty, young woman’s middle name.
but then again, i am definately NOT a dainty, delicate, pretty, young woman. nobody said
i was. so i guess louise is fine for me. yet, i am not a butch, or an old lady. but then again,
middle names don’t really matter. nobody needs them, so maybe i should forget about
how mine doesn’t suit me. well, it might be fun to find a new one for me.
okay, let’s see... rose? jenny rose pulvers... definate no
andrea? already taken by one of my friends
audrey? jenny audrey pulvers.. not working for me either
this is hard... i shall make a poll. yet it’s not really a poll because i don’t have choices for
all of you. well, all of you reading this: What middle name would Jenny Pulvers be
best with?
thanks for playing! i shall talk to you next time

[User Picture]From: nonilion23
2004-08-05 12:47 pm (UTC)
well, you ARE pretty. And you ARE young. And you ARE a woman. As for the dainty and delicate...not so sure about that stuff. I don't have a middle name at all! Isn't that wierd? Anyways, as for your middle name. For the "ring of it" purposes it shouldn't be just one syllable. So uh, pretty names. We don't want anything too pretty, or common. Well, Noel would work. But its not really you. let me have a think and get back to you.
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