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food [Aug. 1st, 2004|09:34 pm]
so today i ate... yes indeedy doo, i did. i have realized my life revolves around chow. well, everyone's life involves food. but mine? mine ReVoLvEs around it! i eat whenever there is something appetizing in front of my face. Except i don't think i would be stopped if something completely revolting were set in my hands and was directed up into my mouth. as long as it involves chewing and swallowing i will take part. that's pretty darn pathetic, eh? well.. i think it's mostly a subconcious thing. i don't really realize i'm eating; i just do it when there's nothing else to do. or when i get water from that little dispenser thing in the fridge, i just get a weird sensation to open up the fridge and take a look at what we have. chances are, there's nothing *nothing meaning butter, juice, and leftover pork-not too appetizing to me.* but i will end up snacking on a Soy Bar (which sounds really healthy, and healthy=yucky, but they are very good!) and this happens daily and frequently. imagine what i'm gonna look like in a year. -( ' . ' )- <--that's me as a fat ass! see my little arms and eyes and mouth? ooh so cute.. yet very ugly.
anywhoo, back to food. i am very stuffed from all the grapes, and corn, and steak, and cookies *mmmm* that i ate. i ate sooo many grapes though. ay carumba. i could live off of grapes, i swear.. that's what i want for my birthday. which was june 5th (and i still havent had a party. i wanna cuz that's a good excuse for ppl coming over!
wow, i didn't get back to the food like i said i would.. well here we go. i have just overcome a great barrier. my brother came in and asked if i wanted anything from Carl's Jr. (carl- oh no! lol veronica. oh and: i'm free! i'm free! and freedom feels like richard!) but i said no! aren't u proud? it was prolly because after eating a whole bag of grapes, the mere mentioning of food is utterly revolting. but i'm still proud of myself for turning down french fries. those things are DAMN good. hehe
well that is all i have to say about food for now. feel free to make a comment on food, how much u love it, special times you've shared with it. all that jazz
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nothing [Aug. 1st, 2004|02:20 am]
this journal entry is dedicated to nothing. nothing at all. a big box of nothing. imagine christmas morning, running downstairs to open that giant gift that has been under the tree for two weeks. but there is no barbie doll house in it. there's no basketball hoop and ball. NOTHING. well, there would be air, wouldnt there? hmm.. so nothing=.. well... nothing! no air, no pet dander, no gasoline, no lint. absolutely nada. craziness, eh? that's like in space, how it has all our solar systems and shizzle, but then once thats over there's nothing. so u imagine space being a big black box, and then the nothing outside of it is blank white-ness. but then that is sumthin cuz it's white. hmmm.. trippy. so i want you guys to realize when someone asks you "what's up?". you can't say "nothing". nothing is inconceivable for our puny minds. they will blow up when they get even a tad close to being half way to understanding nothingness. alright.. now that i have preached my nothingness to you all, i shall be off to dream about a whole lot of nothing.. haha juuuuust kiddding! i luv you all
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